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Oregon First Aid Supply



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Sportsman Soft Side Trauma Kit

Be prepared with this well stocked Trauma First Aid Kit.  A must have tool with many applications for that GRAB and RUN Emergency that may occur at any time.  

Home, Office, Ranch, Job-Site Car or Truck...............

Heavy Duty 17"X10"X9" Cordura Nylon Red Bag with "Star of Life" Screened Emblem.

A BEST SELLER.................


Responder Bag 17"X10"X9"

4 each Abdominal Pad 5"X9"

2 each Blood Blocker Compress

2 each 4" Compress Bandage

2 each 36"X36" Gauze Bandage

2 each Triangular Bandage

2 each Mylar Blanket

1 each Laerdal Patient Face Shield (CPR)

1 each 16 pk. Butterfly Closures

1 each 50 ct. Elastic Strip Bandage

1 each 40 ct. Fingertip Bandage

1 each 40 ct. Knuckle Bandage

1 each 25 ct. Q-Tip Vial

1 each Tri-Cut Tape

1 each 2" Coban

1 each 3" Coban

3 each 2" Roller Gauze

3 each 3" Roller Gauze

1 each 10 pk. 3"X3" Gauze Pads

1 each Hydrogen Peroxide spray pump

1 each First Aid spray pump

5 each Instant Cold Packs

1 each 20 ct. Alcohol Wipes

1 each 25 pk. Triple Antibiotic Ointment

1 each Burn-Stop Burn Gel 6 ct.

1 each Wound Wipes 20 ct.

1 each 4 oz. Eye Wash

1 each 6ct. Eye Cups

1 each 10 ct. Splinter Outs

1 each Fine Point Stainless Tweezer

1 each Scissors

4 pair Nitrile Gloves

1 each Sam Splint

1 each Adult Dose Aspirin 50/2's unit dose pks.

1 each Ibuprofen 50/2's unit dose pks.

1 each Wilderness First Aid Manual

1 each First Aid, CPR, and AED Guide


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